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January 12 2016


Eight Types of Medical Waste

Medical Waste Disposal in Houston
It�s imperative that you know what sort of medical waste your facility produces then you can certainly determine the appropriate disposal. The WHO classified the medical waste into eight (8) kinds of medical waste:

Houston Medical Waste Disposal
 Infectious waste - Waste that could transmit infection from virus, bacterial, parasites to human, i.e.: lab cultures, tissues, swabs, equipment and excreta
 Sharps - Sharp waste, including needle, scalpels, knives, blades, etc.
 Pathological - Human tissue or fluids i.e. body parts, blood, other fluids
 Radioactive - Unused liquid in radiotherapy or lab research, contaminated glassware, etc.
 Chemical - Expired lab reagents, film developer, disinfectant
 Pharmaceuticals - Expired and contaminated medicines
 Pressurized containers - Gas cylinders and gas cartridges
 General waste (UMW) - No recourse to human health because no blood or any related bodily fluid, i.e.: office paper, wrapper, kitchen waste, general sweeping, etc.

For the reason that management for each waste categories vary.

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